Portable Breath Ease Nebuliser

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Do You Suffer From COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis Or Other Lung Conditions?

Ease your Breathing with the Portable Breath Ease Nebuliser. This Nebuliser is helping lots of people who do around the world

Pressurised air passes through the tube and turns liquid MEDICINE or WATER into a cool, fine mist.

During an asthma attack or any breathing difficulty, the mist is easy to inhale and eases your breathing quickly by loosening secretions in the lungs. 

  • Eases your Breathing with in minutes
  • Can be used with water or medicine 


  • It uses a silent motor so you can use it without waking anyone in the night
  • It's Compact and light weight making it perfect for your travels 
  • It works on batteries so it can be used while you are out and about, on the move

Suitable For All Ages
Please Noted there Is No Medicine Included

Package Included: 1 set of Portable Breath Ease Nebuliser

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