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Size Defines Convenience: This is only one of its kind invention that has brought a revolution and smile on every customer’s face. Space and ease of handling are the main criteria for new-age customers. The foldable design is extremely convenient.

Stretchable and Top Quality Product: This product is made from high-quality food grade silicone material. Therefore, it is completely safe. Moreover, it is a non-toxic option. It can become an excellent and practical part of your daily life as any liquid poured into it stays natural as well as fresh.

BPA-free: It is a small volume bottle with no smell. It is ideal for outdoors and for carrying with you during trips.

Your New Companion: Carry it everywhere with you; whether it is while cycling, dancing, gym or while going on a walk. It is effortless to carry this beautiful foldable bottle. Enjoy the attention your new companion gets.

Lightweight: It has negligible weight and can contain 550 ml.

Customer Satisfaction is the Priority: Enjoy a hassle-free return policy for the finest quality products at the best price.

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